The busy urban professionals are managing every aspect of their personal lives on digital devices. How can we create a digital grocery shopping experience that not only replicates but also improve upon the in-store shopping experience?

As part of DesignLab’s capstone project, my brief was to address the challenges in music sharing despite the plethora of music streaming apps available.

Based on user research, I designed a mobile experience focused on discovering and connecting with people of similar music taste outside of one’s existing network.

From there, users can discover new music from others’ listening history, or interact with each other via messaging. The possibilities are limitless.


User Research
Information Architecture
Interaction Design
Usability Testing

6 Weeks

User research to identify design opportunities

A solution for the end user starts with user-centric research. I used both primary research–user interviews and contextual inquiry to be precise–as well as secondary research such as competitive analysis to generate insights for design.


Empathy research that leads to key insights for design opportunities

I interviewed 6 target personas of the same demographic – young working professionals living in London – and their shared traits come alive as Amy Lopez, the primary persona of Instashop.

User Persona paints the profile of Amy in broad brushes to give us an idea of who she is. The empathy map dives deeper into Amy’s world and gets into her head even her heart. Finally the storyboard tells the story of a day in Amy’s life as she goes about grocery shopping.