HONEST :  This picture was taken in my garage so you could see what I look like.

REAL :  I really like REAL people in REAL moments... really

EXPERIENCED :  On the not so sunny days this is kind of a big deal.

EDUCATED :  When I started out film was the only option not just a cool hipsters thing.

EASY GOING :   A calming presence is a good thing on a wedding day.

ASSERTIVE :  I keep the formals moving so we can get the party grooving.

FUNNY :   At least I think I am, my older sisters growing up... not so much.

FACT : I still love film but digital is pretty sweet too.

BALANCE :  Just like in life, photo editing is the art of balance.  Keep it REAL folks.

RANDOM :  I can drive a stick shift up hill from the stopped position.


OPINION : Washed out photos are trendy, but not timeless.

COFFEECRAFT BEER and anywhere OUTDOORS :  Yes, please.